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INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION (3300-1300 BCE)Ø IntroductionØ Historical ImportanceØ HarappaØ Mohenjo-DaroØ Excavations and DiscoveryØ ConclusionIntroductionThe first recognised urban civilisation on the Indian subcontinent is the Indus valley civilizatio...
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Irony, Types of Irony & Irony in the ‘Pride and Prejudice’IronyThe irony is one of the figures of speech. It occurs when reality diverges from our expectations. The crucial word here is "opposite," not merely "different." This discrepancy can be...
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Hello friends I'm Mandar Lande and I have created our Digital Business Card on Here. dibiz is great website for create digital Card by very simple way. Also you can add your Bio, contact detail, address your social profiles in this Car...
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Joseph Andrews - A Comic Epic in ProseElements of Comic Prose in the NovelWhen it comes to the three elements—comic, epic, and prose—Joseph Andrews rightly includes all of them.Comic prose is a prosaic piece of writing intended to make people laugh....
zia ullah 1 giờ trước
What is Language?Communication between people and occasionally between humans and animals is facilitated through language. Another feature of language is that it gives locals a sense of identity and serves as a vehicle for passing down culture from o...