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zia ullah 10 phút trước
Postcolonialism and Frantz Fanon (1925–1961)IntroductionIn a time of anti-colonial liberation struggle, Frantz Omar Fanon (1925–1961), who was born on the island of Martinique under French colonial control, was one of the most significant thinke...
zia ullah 12 phút trước
Psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939)It is an approach to treating emotional issues that are founded on Freud's notion of the unconscious mind (based on case studies of his patients).According to Sigmund Freud, unconscious forces determine...
zia ullah 16 phút trước
PSYCHOLOGY- DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STRUCTURALISM AND FUNCTIONALISM (METHOD OF STUDY)STRUCTURALISMThe study of the essential components that serve as the bedrock of conscious experience is the focus of the structuralist school of psychology. This vie...
zia ullah 19 phút trước
Reading skillsA good reader lives a thousand lives before he diesReadingSpeaking, Writing, and Listening skills, it is one among the four primary language learning skills. So, it is looking at a collection of written symbols and deriving meaning...
zia ullah 24 phút trước
SIMLA (SHIMLA) DELEGATION (1906)BackgroundIn 1905, David Lloyd George led the Liberal Party of England to victory in the national elections. By making constitutional amendments, it was firmly thought that the Indian people would receive enough protec...