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Concept of Marriage in Pakistan Regarding Pride and Prejudice Novel"Pride and Prejudice," a domestic novel by Jane Austen, is focused on the idea of marriage. This literary work illustrates how closely marriage and wealth are intertwined. The first l...
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Correlational Method – PsychologyCorrelation means affiliation or association, more specifically it is a measurement of the degree to which two variables are related. A correlation study has three possible results: positive, negative, and no correlat...
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Data Collection ToolsData CollectionThe process of collecting and evaluating specific data is known as data collection. It is used to evaluate the outcomes and to propose (suggest) answers to pertinent queries. It focuses on learning more about a spe...
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Difference- Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis, Anaphoric and Cataphoric ReferencesOutlineØ IntroductionØ Difference between Pragmatics and Discourse AnalysisØ Differentiate between Anaphoric and Cataphoric referencesIntroductionDiscourse analysis is...
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Digital Marketing Tools by StrategyNo matter what your goals are, we've put together a thorough list of digital marketing tools that can help you, including a few free and freemium options for those on a low budget.Whether it’s maintaining client con...