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  • USB 2.0 DVR Video Audio Camera CCTV Capture Recorder Adapter Card for MAC for PC Laptop

    The USB 2.0 video capture adapter includes professional and easy to learn & used video editor software: Ulead Video Studio SE DVD, you can create many special effect and clip video files etc....

    Giá bán: 262,000đ Tới mua
  • Portable USB 2.0 Video Audio Capture Video Converter Recorder Analog Video Audio to Digital Format for PC Plug and Play

    This USB Video Audio capture card can capture high-quality video and audio files direct by USB 2.0 interface without sound card. High-speed rendering and real-time performance mean less time waiting...

    Giá bán: 303,000đ Tới mua
  • Fun VGA to HDMI Converter with Video 1080P for PC Laptop to HDTV Projector

    Share your video/audio/data from computers or old-styled notebooks, destops, laptops that hasonly VGA ports to any HDMI-equiped devices like HDTV, monitors, displayer for big screen...

    Giá bán: 167,000đ Tới mua
  • 720P Webcam Live Streaming Webcam USB Web Camera for PC Laptop Wide Angle Webcam with Microphone for Video Conference

    Description: 720p USB camera with a flexible clip, the webcam angle can be adjusted in 360 degrees very easily. It's so adjustable and foldable which makes it fit to work with any laptop/desktop...

    Giá bán: 442,000đ Tới mua
  • C Bracket for video

    Chất liệu nhựa ABS chắc chắn Phù hợp với hầu hết các máy quay và máy ảnh DSLR có kích thước 5 inch Đệm cao su êm ái

    Giá bán: 275,000đ Tới mua
  • 720P HD Webcam Camera USB Web Camera Clip-On Webcams with Microphone for Computer PC Laptops Video Conference

    Features: Compatible with USB2.0. True plug play USB web camera, driver-free. Can be stably placed on the desktop and clamped on the display (does not damage the screen). Built-in noise canceling...

    Giá bán: 278,000đ Tới mua
  • USB 3.0 to VGA Adapter USB to VGA Video Graphic Card Display External Cable Adapter for PC Laptop

    Mô tả: Loại vật phẩm: Bộ chuyển đổi USB3.0 sang VGA Giao diện : VGA Kiểu : USB sang vga Loại lõi: lõi đồng Loại: Cáp mở rộng Chiều dài: 13cm Số lượng trình kết nối nhánh: tiêu đề đơn Gói bao gồm: 1 x...

    Giá bán: 199,000đ Tới mua
  • USB Microphone PC Computer Microphone Mini Condenser Microphone for Computer/PC/Laptop

    Condenser microphone USB 2.0, Biuld-In automatic gain control (AGC).It will intelligently recognize the distance between you and the microphone to automatically adjust the volume.Mini Microphone...

    Giá bán: 173,000đ Tới mua
  • USB Cable Numeric Keypad For Laptop PC Notebook Computer

    100% brand new and high qualitySuitable for most kinds of laptop PC and computers, stretchable USB cable design can be more convenient for usage and storageEach keys is ultra responsive and accord...

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  • 250° Presbyopic Glasses Magnifiers Spectacles For Presbyopia Eyewear Pc

    Features: Brand new and high quality! Fashion, convenient, essential good for presbyopia. Portable and light weight, easy to take outside. Description: Color: Black, tea color, red Material:...

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  • Video video star for pc

    Bạn hãy nên xem nội dung trong video clip step by step guide to videostar này có những gì đã cung cấp đến bạn có phù hợp không. Nếu thấy hay hãy like và chia sẻ nội dung này để mọi người cùng tìm hiểu và cùng bạn trao đổi những thông tin liên quan đến video star for pc

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