Irony in the Novel Pride and Prejudice
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Irony, Types of Irony & Irony in the ‘Pride and Prejudice’


The irony is one of the figures of speech. It occurs when reality diverges from our expectations. The crucial word here is "opposite," not merely "different." This discrepancy can be seen in situations or language ‘what we say versus what we mean’, ‘what we expect to happen vs. what actually happens’.

Types of Ironies

There are some common forms of irony:

Dramatic Irony

Verbal Irony

Situational Irony

Ø Dramatic Irony

Dramatic irony occurs when we are more familiar with the circumstances than the characters are. For instance, you might spot someone walking into a trap that has been set up in the play or book you are reading. Dramatic irony is present here. Also, we can call this theatrical sarcasm/irony. READ MORE…

zia ullah

zia ullah