Joseph Andews - A Comic Epic in Prose

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Joseph Andrews - A Comic Epic in Prose

Elements of Comic Prose in the Novel

When it comes to the three elements—comic, epic, and prose—Joseph Andrews rightly includes all of them.

Comic prose is a prosaic piece of writing intended to make people laugh. It typically retains a satirical or ironic tone to achieve for making people laugh and alter society. For illustration: Characters like Mr Abraham Adams and Mrs Slip Slop, who are accurately represented by the author in such a way that they are adding that light, amusing touch to the plot, are included in Fielding's novel. For instance, Mr Adams frequently embarrassed himself due to his naivety (lack of knowledge) and forgetfulness, and Mrs Slip Slop amused the readers with her pride in her speaking abilities. She always articulated complex words in a way that Mr Adams in particular could never grasp.

Elements of Epic in the Novel

Additionally, "epic," which is a defining characteristic of Joseph Andrews, is included in Fielding's definition of a novel. An epic is defined as a long story that uses dignified language, has battles and heroic acts of a warrior, occasionally includes discoveries and interpolations (digressions from the main plot), and, last but not least, has a significant goal attached to it. READ MORE…