Language and Characteristics of Human Language

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What is Language?

Communication between people and occasionally between humans and animals is facilitated through language. Another feature of language is that it gives locals a sense of identity and serves as a vehicle for passing down culture from one generation to the next.

Because of this most priceless human accomplishment, Homo sapiens can communicate and express feelings, thoughts, and abstract concepts. Language is also a living thing because it is created, changes over time, and eventually perishes.

A language is a set of sentences with finite rules and a limitless generation of sentences, according to Noam Chomsky, a well-known thinker of the modern era.

Characteristics of Human Language

The main tool used in human communication is language. As a result, we can beautifully explore the world, maturely express our needs and emotions, and most importantly, everyone can stand up for our own beliefs in front of others.

We can also communicate with one another in daily life through specialized uses of shorthand, gesture, posture, smiles, and dance. It so falls within the category of Language's characteristics. READ MORE…