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Liberal Institutionalism & International Relations (IR)


The Liberals put out this plan because they thought that if an institution or international organization were to be established, you could turn the rainforest into a zoo. The key idea is that there is anarchy in foreign politics since there is no equivalent institution to the state in domestic affairs. International politics may change in nature if some equivalent arrangement is likewise developed there. We can turn the jungle into a zoo, to quote Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Keohane, and Nye are among those who support this viewpoint.

Advantages of liberal Institutionalism

Nations are considered to be logical actors. Dispute settlement at the level of international organizations is less expensive and more effective than on the battlefield.

The lack of clarity in international relations on state behaviour is one of the causes of the security challenge and states' quest for dominance. International organizations contribute to the evolution of norms, increasing the predictability of state behaviour. Moreover, these platforms allow us to learn about other people's perspectives. READ MORE…