Listening Skills
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Listening Skills

We have two ears and one mouth to listen more and talk less.


Along with reading, writing, and speaking, it is one of the four primary language learning skills. Therefore, the first stage in learning a language is to develop listening abilities, which are also crucial.

Receiving and comprehending are basic steps of active listening. It is also the capacity to take in, grasp, examine, and interpret the thoughts and messages spoken by others. For instance, attentive listening includes viewing the news and listening to the lecture in class.

Understanding a person's accent, sound pitch, intonation, and body language allows us to listen to them.

Components of Listening Skills

Since successful communication skills include listening, Therefore, the notion of the elements of listening is derived from the very fundamental query. Specifically, can listening skills be taught?

Yes, practising and exercising your listening skills will help you become a better listener. However, you can explain a few things to your class that will help them grasp how to listen, what to listen for, and why an error might be made.

As a result, listening might be challenging for English language learners. Due to the different components that make listening challenging to understand, there are many reasons for improving our listening skills.

The elements listed below can help every ESL (English as Second Language) learner understand language structure more precisely by focusing on them. READ MORE…

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zia ullah