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Pharmaceutical polymers have emerged as one of the versatile materials in the healthcare community owing to their various benefits, including relatively lower weight, increased durability, better biocompatibility, inertness to chemicals and longer fatigue resistance.


The financial opportunity within the pharmaceutical polymers / medical polymers market has been analyzed across the following segments:


§ Type of Polymer

§ Thermoplastic Polymers

§ Elastomers

§ Thermoset Polymers

§ Others


§ Area of Application

§ Medical Devices

§ Excipients

§ Packaging

§ Others


§ Key Geographical Regions 

§ North America

§ Europe

§ Asia-Pacific

§ Latin America

§ Middle East and North Africa


The Pharmaceutical Polymers / Medical Polymers Market, 2023 – 2035 report features the following companies, which we identified to be key players in this domain:


§ Americhem

§ Borealis

§ Celanese

§ Corel Pharma Chem

§ Eastman

§ Henkel


§ Kuraray

§ Lubrizol Life Science

§ LyondellBasell

§ Phon Tech


§ Solvay

§ Sumitomo Chemical

§ Zylog ElastoComp


Table of Contents


1. Preface


2. Executive Summary


3. Introduction


4. Market Landscape


5. Company Competitiveness Analysis


6. Company Profiles: Pharmaceutical Polymers / Medical Polymers Manufacturers in North



7. Company Profiles: Pharmaceutical Polymers / Medical Polymers Manufacturers in Europe


8. Company Profiles: Pharmaceutical Polymers / Medical Polymers Manufacturers in Asia-

   Pacific and Rest of the World


9. Partnerships and Collaborations


10. Pharmaceutical Polymer / Medical Polymer Manufacturers: DELT Analysis


11. Case Study: Recent Trends Related to Pharmaceutical / Medical Polymers


12. Market Forecast and Opportunity Analysis


13. Concluding Remarks


14. Executive Insights


15. Appendix 1: Tabulated Data


16. Appendix 2: List of Companies and Organizations


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