Novel and Elements of Novel
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Novel & Elements of the Novel

The word "novel" comes from the Italian word "novella," which denotes a fresh take on an existing theme or idea.

The novel can be simply described as a long prose tale. A novel is not a brief prose story; rather, it is a detailed and illustrated account of several events that occurred throughout the life of a character. It is a comprehensive autobiography of a character from the book.

Whatever the book's intended purpose, it is clear that it captures the author's era in exquisite detail. It functions similarly to a mirror in that it reflects the image of whatever is held up to it. A novel also accurately depicts the trends, peculiarities, and characteristics of the modern period.

Scholarly Definitions

Some critics have defined the word novel differently.

Dr Tillyard defines the novel as “a novel is a not too unorganized, fictitious (fictional) narrative in prose of at least, say, 20,000 words.”

W.E Williams defines it as “a long narrative (narration/tale) in prose detailing the actions of fictitious (fictional) people.”

Elements of a Novel

The foundation (construction) of a novel is comprised of some components. Every one of these components is necessary for any novel. Without these components, no written work could fall under the category of a novel. Here are a few components of a novel:

Ø Characterization

Ø Plot

Ø Dialogue

Ø Point of View

Ø Setting

Ø Theme


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