Reading Skills
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Reading skills

A good reader lives a thousand lives before he dies


Speaking, Writing, and Listening skills

, it is one among the four primary language learning skills. So, it is looking at a collection of written symbols and deriving meaning from them. When we read, our brains translate the written symbols/letters, punctuation, and spaces that our eyes see into words, sentences, and paragraphs that make sense to us. We can read aloud or silently (in our heads). Reading is a talent that allows us to receive information. But to enunciate the words we read; speaking is a necessary component of the difficult reading process. Reading is useful in this way since it allows us to both receive and sends information. Reading is also the capacity to recognize words in print (a process known as word recognition) and to infer meaning from them (a process called comprehension).

Purpose of reading

Reading has many purposes following them are:

Read for enjoyment.

For knowledge.

To educate.

To instruct.

As a pastime.

To examine.

To finish a task.

For understanding.


zia ullah

zia ullah