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In 1905, David Lloyd George led the Liberal Party of England to victory in the national elections. By making constitutional amendments, it was firmly thought that the Indian people would receive enough protection. According to the Liberal Party's announcement, India might soon see constitutional revisions. The Muslim leaders made the decision to take advantage of this chance to inform the Viceroy of the Muslims' demands. His Highness Sir Agha Khan brought together a delegation of important Muslim leaders from throughout the nation.

Formation of the Delegation

To arrange a meeting with the viceroy, the Muslim leaders turned to Mr. Archbold, the principal of Aligarh College. Col. Dunlop Smith, the Viceroy's private secretary, was contacted by Mr. Archbold and asked to set up a meeting with the Viceroy and let him know about it. The Shimla Deputation, a group of 35 Muslim leaders, met with the Viceroy on October 1st, 1906, in Shimla. READ MORE…